Pi Day (March 14) 

All are welcome for Free Pie & Roller Skating at the Ida Grove Skate Palace (203 Susan Lawrence Dr.) on Pi Day (Tuesday, March 14th) from 6:30-8:30 PM.

Pi, Pie, & God

What is Pi?

  • the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter
  • approximately 3.14
  • a mathematical constant

Why March 14th?

  • the numerical date is 3.14 (like pi!)
  • it's Albert Einstein's birthday.

Why roller skating?

  • CrossRidge EFC is currently renovating the old roller skating rink in Ida Grove (at 411 Washington St. [behind Carlyle Tire]) for our future church home.
  • Skating rinks are closing all over but the Skate Palace continues to be a unique fixture of our community.
  • Skating is fun, healthy, nostalgic, across the age span, and a wonderful way to connect with each other.

How might pi be a clue to God?

  • Pi is infinite - no one has exhausted its figures.  Similarly, God is infinite, eternal, and His love never stops - no one will ever exhaust the riches of His mercy.
  • Like a circle's circumference (calculated using pi), God has no beginning and no ending.
  • Pi is a transcendent number. God transcends creation and understanding but He still wants to be known by you.
  • Pi is a mathematical constant; God's love is unchanging and constant.

Why pie?

  • Seriously...!?  It's pie!
  • Jesus fed people.  A lot.
  • Psalm 119 compares God's words to sweet food.
  • What better way to celebrate Pi Day than with pie?